Leather is very durable, it breathes and regulates moisture well. Therefore, it is very comfortable and fits like a glove. Leather has been used in garments since the beginning of mankind in order to protect against weather influences for example. So it’s no wonder that around the end of the 19th century Lederhosen were invented. Ever since they have been immensely popular in Bavaria and Austria where the Lederhosen are not only worn on a daily basis, but also on Sundays and holidays and during festivities. Lederhosen are fashionable! For several decades, Lederhosen have also been worn in many other countries during the famous “Oktoberfesten” which are being held worldwide and they have become increasingly popular in this century.

Pure nature:

Haus Huberts Trachtenmode has been supplying quality Lederhosen to stores in many countries already for many years. Because the tannery and the entire production process are all on one site, we are able to check every step from      A to Z which enables us to keep our quality to the highest of standards. Only the best skins are selected by us and professionals with years of experience turn these into a genuine Haus Huberts Lederhose. Our Lederhosen are all natural, with nothing synthetic; the buttons are made of genuine horn and fastened to the waistband with a leather, which is the authentic traditional way. The waistband on the inside is also made of real leather, so no plastic (which unfortunately you see more and more …) Furthermore, all of our Lederhosen are without plastic reinforcements on the inside. The fit is second to none (and always the same!).

Lederhosen are FASHION!

We at Haus Huberts Trachtenmode make no concessions to quality. Due to huge purchase volumes and a very streamlined and flexible organization we are able to supply a genuinely better quality at very competitive prices, and because of our immense stock we almost always deliver immediately from stock, even during our peak season!Traditional fashion is our passion and that is why we invest a lot of time and money every year in designing new models and colors because Lederhosen (and Dirndls) are FASHION!

Please feel free to test our products, request our catalogue or order some samples; many satisfied customers have already done so.