Every year Haus Huberts Trachtenmode expands its product range with nice new Dirndl dresses, Lederhosen, men shirts, blouses, socks etc. in various price ranges. This year, too, we have a wide selection of garments that have been well received by our customers.

Despite the global logistics challenges, which unfortunately still exist, we make every effort to get all goods to our warehouse on time and to be able to deliver (almost) all sizes and quantities directly from stock even during the peak season. Also in 2021 we were happy to be able to welcome many new customers.

We always try very hard to provide our customers with the best sales service and to exceed our customers’ expectations and maintain long-term relationships. For example, we had dirndls and lederhosen in certain sizes flown in by air during the high season.

We consider the constant satisfaction of our customers to be a special compliment because “everything is always correct”. We are constantly motivated to do our best every day. Good is not good enough, things can always be improved!

You can always expect the same quality products from us, and we don’t skimp on materials. We believe that we should always have the same fit, that the colours must always be the same, as well as the finishing, etc. Our products are always made by experienced professionals with many years of experience.

We simply love Tracht/bavarian garments and we are happy to fulfill your wishes! Have we piqued your interest? In that case please contact us, we will always be at your disposal.